Plants: Dog rose

When the rigid days of summer begin to slouch, someone flicks a switch and the bounty of autumn is everywhere. The countryside becomes a squally mess of exhausted hedgerows, their aching limbs laden with fruit. Bunches of berries cover the hawthorn’s branches, lasting into the colder months long after the leaves have fallen. Others don’t […]

Places: The Beth Chatto Gardens

After such a long hiatus (take a look at my Published work to see what I’ve been up to), I couldn’t help but write about a long awaited trip to a very special garden. Stood with in earshot of the A120, and less than 15 minutes from the centre of Colchester, it is difficult to […]

Places: A Secret Garden

Austere as the granite fortress may seem, perched on the edge of a gorge-like valley overlooking rugged countryside and bleak moorland beyond, it was never intended to defend or do battle. The highest garden owned by the National Trust, 862 feet above sea level and only completed in 1930, Castle Drogo is a modern masterpiece, […]

The Homebase Garden Academy comes to an end

My final post about the Garden Academy. Reflecting on the amazing year with have had – lots of highs, very few lows and plenty of silly photos. Click here to read my final post

BBC Gardener’s World Live Day 2 & 3

My second day on site and I was joined by fellow Academy student, Adam. After leveling out the soil in the border, we sorted through all of the plants, picking off dead flowers, leaves and the odd rogue weed. As we worked though the plants I decided to start placing a few in the border. […]

BBC Gardener’s World Live – A confession

I cannot start work on my Beautiful Border soon enough. Even though a large part of me just wants to be at home in sunny Somerset and celebrate my first sweet pea flowers opening, if I worry about how I’m going to place my plants for many more days I will be grey-haired by the […]

Making the mosaic stepping stones

A couple of weeks ago I spent several days making the mosaic stepping stones that feature in my Beautiful Border. It was definitely a very experimental process, however I am happy with the results. I hope the white tiles aren’t too overpowering and once softened with groundcover planting they will merge into the rest of […]